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Gym Space

Spacious gym space and function rooms for classes.


Free weights, resistant and state of the art cardio machines. Multiple benches, bars, barbells and dumbells.

Reasons to join us


Generous half length locker spaces to store away your clothing. Multiple, accessible shower rooms and toilets to get you ready.


Our nutri bar offers a wide range of protein shakes and bars.

Member Testimonials

man in a gym

Darren, 28

I've been going to gyms in the last 5 years. I signed up for an introductory session back in 2018 and since then never looked back. I really like the banter with other gym goers. Also the diversity of the gym is second to none. James is very supportive of new members so they feel that they belong to this place.
woman in a gym

Jenny, 44

I was one of those people who'd pay for membership, but then never go to the gym. That changed for me when I began getting training sessions with my friend. The gym itself has a variety of equipment in a clean setting with a diverse membership who always make me feel welcome. No more wasted memberships for me!


Our gym reserve 10 car park space in the Main street car park which can be used by our customer. Metered car park available.


There are sereval bus stop with few hundred yards radius. Access bus timetables here.


Our secured and monitored bicycle storage can be used for free of charge by our customer.